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About Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente launched a national effort to reduce the stigma and increase public understanding of behavioral health as a part of overall health. To do so, Kaiser has collaborated with national organizations, like the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), to change the conversation around mental illness.

Kaiser Permanente is committed to reducing stigma associated with behavioral health among underserved and vulnerable populations in our communities and promoting improved behavioral health and wellness.

In June 2018, Momentum for Health was one of the organizations, in Santa Clara County, chosen to receive funding to create a social marketing campaign to reduce the stigma surrounding behavioral health among youth, transitional-age youth and their families.

About Kaiser Permanente Northern California Community Benefit Grants Program: Kaiser Permanente's community involvement uniquely pairs grant funding with 65 years of clinical expertise, medical research, and volunteerism to support prevention-focused, evidence-based programs that are expanding access to care and creating healthy environments.

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