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Educational Posters

We've created a set of mental health educational posters that are available to download for free!
The posters are formatted as 24" x 36" posters but can be printed at a smaller size.
Depression Poster (24 × 36 in) (1).png
Bipolar Disorder Poster (24 × 36 in) (1).png
PTSD poster (24 × 36 in).png
ADHD poster (24 × 36 in) (1).png
Anxiety Poster (24 × 36 in) (3).png
Support Someone Poster (24 × 36 in) (1).png
How to Care for Yourself Poster (24 × 36 in) (1).png

Teachers: make mental health posters with your students!

Step 1: Download the lesson plan

Lesson plan - Teacher.png
Lesson plan - Teacher (1).png

Step 2: Download the presentation template

Mental Health Introductory Presentation .png

Step 3: Download the student handouts - the lesson plan & poster instructions

Lesson plan - Students.png
How to make a poster.png
Lesson plan - Students (1).png
How to make a poster (1).png

Step 4: Pick days to implement the lesson and reach out to Avery ( if you have any questions about the poster-making process!

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