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Spring '24 Top 12 Submissions

2D Winners

3D Winners

4D Winners

Short Film Winners

Relevance to theme statement: When I was younger, I used to spend a lot of time making art projects. I really enjoyed making short films, so I wanted to create this short film to help me connect with my inner child. I also used to draw, play with lego, climb trees, and play piano, so I included my passions and interests to show that even though I’ve grown up and changed so much, I can still be happy doing childish things. I’ve got lots of photos and videos of myself when I was younger, which helped me connect with my inner child by seeing who I used to be. I wanted to share how despite all the changes I’ve gone through, I can still enjoy connecting with my child through my passions and interests. This piece reflects the theme of connecting with my inner child through sharing my passions, interests, and hobbies which I still enjoy. I’ll always love and care about my inner child, and I hope I can be the person he would want me to be.

Relevance to theme statement: Growing up I’ve always believed people eventually leave behind their childish selves or even lose them. Therefore, I thought I wouldn’t fit in with the rest of society if I didn’t do so as well. Fortunately, I grew up not caring much about what other people thought of me and I could say I did a pretty good job at staying a child despite turning 20 this year. For me, connecting to my inner child is to not care about what others think of you, to not filter your thoughts as much and express them as they are, to understand that it is okay to cry when you’re frustrated, to enjoy every single second of your day is if it’s your last, and to smile at the little things in life for no specific reason. As we grow up we start to worry about what the rest thinks of us, we think about how to phrase something so much to the point we don’t communicate what we truly feel, we hide our feelings because if we’re seen crying we’re “weak,” and we lose the ability to smile at any little detail in life. We’re so “busy” growing up that we tend to forget our childish selves to fit in. I encourage everyone to look back and talk to their inner child and keep them close because life will get tougher and tougher, but your inner child will make every single moment worthwhile.

Relevance to theme statement: My piece explores the theme by showcasing the creative pursuits that make me feel connected to my inner child. I faced all three forms of abuse and had to grow up quickly. As an adult, I strive to give back to my community and do the things I wasn’t allowed to do growing up. My inner child lights up when I actively share my emotions and story through my art.

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