Encouraging youth to speak openly about mental health & seek assistance.

To Be Honest Advisory Group

The To Be Honest Advisory Group is made up of a diverse group of individuals who are
passionate about mental health and erasing the stigma that surrounds it.

Together, the group created the To Be Honest campaign by distributing surveys and administering focus groups with youth in Santa Clara County and using that data to create an educational and informational campaign that encourages youth and their families to talk about mental health and seek help if needed.

Jacquelyn Bogisich

AA Psychology; AS Paralegal Studies; Parent; Mental health advocate

"To be honest, when it comes to your mental health, it's perfectly fine to be selfish. Nothing and no one should ever get in the way of you bettering your mental health, not even stigma. Let the haters hate, you choose YOU!"

Avery Cruz, MPH

Marketing & Communications
Momentum for Mental Health

"To be honest, mental health is important for all, regardless of an official diagnosis. Understand how your brain works, make self-care a priority, and talk to someone! Therapy is beneficial for everyone."

"To be honest, we are all at risk of poor mental health at some point or stage in our life. 1 in 5 teens suffer from some form of mental illness severe enough that it impacts daily activity. I believe without good programs, services, and support in place to help treat mental illness and our well-being, recovery will be difficult to sustain for anybody."

Development Director
Momentum for Mental Health

Michael Hayes, MSW

Valerie Ikemoto, 


School Social Worker
Oak Grove High School

"To be honest, I did not know that my stomach aches and worrying in high school was related to anxiety. I thought it was a food allergy. After getting counseling as a young person, I can say that it was one of the best decisions I  made. Now working with students, I can see the freedom that comes with getting some help. Seeking support is empowering. "

"To be honest… I often have to remind myself that I do not exist as an island. It is okay to reach out. There is nothing weak or burdensome about seeking support."

Director of LGBTQ Programs
The LGBTQ Youth Space
(Family & Children Services)

Adrienne Keel

Eric Martinez, MA, LPCC

Program Manager
REACH (A Momentum & Starlite Collaborative Program)

"To be honest, mental health is a person's ability to manage their emotional, physical and social well-being to live a balanced life."

"To be honest, mental illness can impact a person's life for the positive: it's our struggles that make us stronger and add depth to life."

Mental Health Therapist
The Healthy Teen Project

Kira Olson, AMFT, APCC

Elaine Schultz, MSW

School Social Worker
Oak Grove High School

"To be honest … having a mental illness can make you feel alone and ashamed. And it may be hard to take that first step in talking about your struggles and seeking out support. But once you do, you will find that there are many individuals just like you."

"To Be Honest, there are many people impacted by mental illness that still choose to remain silent. For those impacted by mental illness, many still  find it difficult to share their stories and seek support without fear of being discriminated or judged in a negative manner. We all need to be more open to hearing their stories and create a safe environment where seeking support is considered a strength, and not a sign of weakness."

Associate Director, Youth & Family Services
Momentum for Mental Health

Jae Suh, MHRS

Emily White, MS, OTRL

Occupational Therapist
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

"To be honest.. it is okay to admit that you are not okay. Reaching out for help is one of the bravest things someone can do."

To Be Honest:   438 N White Rd  San Jose, CA 95127   Tel. (408) 254 - 6828   Email: tbh.today@gmail.com