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Armanino Video Project

Thank you Armanino employees for taking time out of your busy schedules to volunteer for
Momentum for Health and, specifically, this special project for our To Be Honest program.

Follow the steps below to submit your video!

Businessman on Phone

Step 1: Choose a prompt! Please choose one of the three following prompts as the inspiration for your video:

  • What mental health means to me

  • What I do to take care of my mental health

  • What I would tell my younger self about mental health

Step 2: Write a short script or bullet points. Prepare a few sentences or bullet points to help guide you through what you plan to say. Although you may think you know what to say, when the record button turns red, you may forget! We would like each video to be between 20 to 45 seconds, so make sure what you say is short, yet meaningful.

Step 3: Prepare your recording space. Keep these in mind as you set up your recording space:

  • Lighting: Make sure that, if you are filming in a sunlit room, the light is night behind you or creating a shadow on your face.

  • Background: Ensure that the space behind you in your video is clear of clutter and random objects.

  • Noise: Film in a quiet location to ensure the best sound quality

  • Attire: It is best to wear clothing without brand logos and avoid overwhelming patterns like stripes.

  • Phone: If you are recording with your phone, make sure that you are filming with your phone in a horizontal position (landscape rather than portrait).

  • Position: Position your body or face to be centered within the camera frame.

Step 4: Record! Remember to keep the video between 20 and 45 seconds.

Step 5: Submit the video using the form below. Thank you for participating!

Submit your video here!
Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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