TBH Art Contest


Deadline: March 31, 2020

*Open to youth ages 14 to 25 in Santa Clara County*

If you've watched or listened to our "Stories of Hope," or participated in the last art contest/viewed the entries, you'll know that art can play a huge role in a person's recovery journey or simply help them maintain their mental wellness. Art helps us understand how we're feeling and gives us a way to express ourselves when words don't cut it. Art, although subjective, can have a big impact on others as well; it allows us to connect with one another over shared feelings and gives us hope through interpretation. It's now your turn to share how you feel about mental health and mental illness.


We want you to create a 2D, 3D or 4D piece of art that expresses your thoughts/feelings/perceptions on the following phrase:


So much has happened in 2020: wildfires in Australia, the death of a beloved basketball player, COVID-19 shutting down what we considered our normal lives for the health and safety of all, the Black Lives Matter movement gaining momentum with protests and riots happening around the country and  beyond... we've all been through a lot. We want to hear from you how this year has impacted your mental health through a creative and artistic expression of your choice.  

How to enter:

1. Fill out our interest form by clicking HERE.


2. Using the prompt above, make a piece of 2D, 3D or 4D art:


  • 2D: Artwork made on a flat surface. May include drawings, paintings or murals, prints, canvas, or mixed media. 

  • 3D: Art that is three dimensional -- this includes ceramics, sculptures or installations, glass, metal, etc.

  • 4D: Art made with technology including videos, graphic design images, digital photography, etc.

3. Once your masterpiece is complete, admire it in all its glory!

4. Take a high-quality photo of your artwork.

5. Submit a high resolution .jpg or .png photo of your artwork to tbh.today@gmail.com.

  • Artwork should be photographed against a blank background (if your medium requires a background). Please crop the image to be of just the artwork if anything else is in the background.

  • 4D pieces can be uploaded to Youtube, Vimeo, or Google Drive -- only a link needs to be sent to the gmail.

  • Include the following information in your email:

    • Your full name​

    • Your age (must be between ages 14 and 25)

    • Your location (must be living in Santa Clara County at the time of entry)

    • Best method of contact

    • Your school (if applicable)

    • Which category (2D, 3D or 4D) you are entering your piece into for the contest.

    • A short statement (1-3 sentences) about your piece and how you responded to the prompt with this piece of art.

Judging & Prizes

Winners will be selected by an impartial panel of judges! Follow along on Instagram (@tobehonest.today) as we post submissions and reveal the Top 36 pieces and then the final Top 9! Pieces will be judged based on the following categories:

1. Originality: How well do the elements within the piece of art display the artist’s unique approach to the theme?

2. Creativity: How well do the elements (composition and design) within the piece of art display a sense of artistry?

3. Relevance to the theme: Based on the artist’s interpretation of the theme, as reflected in the sentences accompanying each piece, how well does the art piece reflect the theme?


Follow along on Instagram (@tobehonest.today) as we share your artwork and release the winners!

Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 entries in EACH category (2D, 3D, 4D):

2D & 3D winners will receive the following:

1st Place: $300 BLICK Gift Card

2nd Place: $200 BLICK Gift Card

3rd Place: $100 BLICK Gift Card

4D winners will receive the following:

1st Place: $300 B&H Photo Video Gift Card

2nd Place: $200 B&H Photo Video Gift Card

3rd Place: $100 B&H Photo Video Gift Card

In addition to the prizes, the winners will see their artwork displayed on the To Be Honest website as well as promoted through our social media channels. Art may also appear on future To Be Honest swag including stickers, pins and posters!

NOTE: Participants may enter as a group or as an individual artist. However, please keep in mind that if you enter as a group, there is only one prize available at each prize level (i.e. if a group of 5 enters a category and wins second place, only one
$200 Gift Card will be awarded to the group).


Examples of the art that can be submitted:

2D Art Examples (Art made on a flat surface):

  • Drawings

  • Paintings

  • Block printing

  • Collage

  • Mixed media

  • Photography

  • Poetry (on paper)

3D Art Examples (Art that is three dimensional):

  • Ceramics

  • Sculpture

  • Jewelry

  • Glass or metal figures

4D Art Examples (Art produced through technology):

  • Graphic design

  • Digital illustrations

  • Videos/movies

  • Spoken Poetry via video or audio clip

  • Dance via video

  • Music

  • Podcast

To Be Honest:   438 N White Rd  San Jose, CA 95127   Tel. (408) 254 - 6828   Email: tbh.today@gmail.com

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