Fall 2020 Top 9 Submissions!

"My mental health in 2020."

2D Top 3 Submissions

Patel, Priyanka
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Copy of Boustead, Izzi
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Copy of DeMarquez, Kirstin
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#1: Priyanka Patel
BASIS Independent Silicon Valley
#2 (tie): Izzi Boustead
Los Altos High School
#2 (tie): Kristin DeMarquez
Whittier College

3D Top 3 Submissions

Li, Zoe
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Contreras, Breanna
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Calhoun, Laine
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#1: Zoe Li
Homestead High School
#2: Breana Contreras
San Jose State University
#3: Laine Calhoun
Santa Teresa High School

4D Top 3 Submissions

Gupta, Sanya
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Austin, Oliver (compressed)
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Baum, Kimberly
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#1: Sanya Gupta
Monta Vista High School
#2: Oliver Austin
Oak Grove High School
#3: Kimberly Baum
Cornell University